Arts and computer interactions: a collaboration with Laurence Dréano

As part of the artist’s residency, this year the University welcomes Laurence Dréano into LIFAT. Initially, the visual artist, Laurence Dréano, knew nothing about computers, but she was fascinated by the appearance in the art world of digital tools. The field of possibilities opened for her, when the University of Tours offered her an artist’s residence. The meeting of the two worlds began in September 2018. The objective of the actions carried out is to plunge the artist’s works into a digital space and to make them interact with the public. Many students were solicited to carry out projects (in Computer Science, Philosophy, Musicology, etc.) in collaboration with the artist, as well as researchers (Barthélémy Serres, Gilles Venturini). Among the achievements, a luminous organ will allow to dynamically illuminate works of glass of Murano by commanding them with gestures, as on a virtual piano. The final exhibition is scheduled for 13, 14 and 15 May at the University (5th floor BU, Tanners site).

Some videos of the exposition :

For more informations and videos about this collaboration please check the article of France 3.