DANIEAL2 Project

The DANIEAL phase 2 project is in the continuity of the APR-IR DANIEAL project, accepted in 2013 by the Centre-Val de Loire region. The general context of the project is the development of robotic medical devices for the improvement of access to care and assistance to medical gesture. The application area targeted is that of locoregional anaesthesia carried out under ultrasound. This project aims to provide anaesthetists with a collaborative expert-robot-environment platform that significantly improves the practice of locoregional anaesthesia. The objective of DANIEAL2 is to study and develop a robotic medical device with intrinsic safety, where the expert is always in the control loop. This involves assisting the medical gesture of insertion of the needle towards the nerve under ultra-sound imaging using the collaboration of a robotic arm. This support platform will be designed to facilitate the provision of high quality and personalized medical care as well as improve the training process for anaesthetists and reduce the risk of trauma related to locoregional anaesthesia. The consortium is made up of PRISME and LIFAT laboratories that have a recognized expertise in medical robotics, image processing and visual enslavement, of the company ADECHOTECH that develops for several years robots for medical purposes and of the clinic Médipôle in Toulouse that has a national and international reputation for the practice of locoregional anaesthesia guided under ultrasound.

Official website link : http://www.bourges.univ-orleans.fr/DANIEAL/index.php/fr/

Name of contact RFAI : Donatello Conte

RFAI members involved in the project : Pascal Makris, Xavier Cortés

Partners :

PRISME Laboratory (Pole IRAUS https://www.univ-orleans.fr/prisme/le-pole-iraus)

Medipole Garonne (https://www.medipole.com/index_ni.php)

Adechotech (http://www.adechotech.fr/)