Talk of Mathieu Delalandre at the VNU Information Technology Institute (VNU-ITI), on the TV workstation project

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Mathieu Delalandre presented the TV workstation project at Information Technology Institute of the Vietnam National University ( in Hanoi, on the 1st of november 2023.
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The TV Workstation project has been launched by the LIFAT Laboratory in 2017. This project is interested with the application of Artificial Intelligence methods to the French television (TV). It is based on a Workstation for the capture and decoding of the French DTT signal. A first computer DELL 5820 is dedicated to the video capture. It embeds video capture cards able to encode 8 video/audio streams simultaneously and offering 38+64 TB of internal / external storage, respectively. A second computer DELL T640 supports the real-time video processing tasks. It embeds cards able to decode the video streams at the hardware level with control of the FPS, downscaling, color-space conversion and transfer to the main memory. This computer can process up to 24 video streams at a time with CPUs offering a high-level of threading and AVX512 VNNI for the real-time deep learning.

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