ToddTV startup project

Mathieu DELALANDRE is Assistant Professor in the RFAI group / LIFAT Laboratory and co-founder of a startup project called ToddTV. The ToddTV  project is done in collaboration with Jordan NICOT engineer in Computer Science and  CEO of the startup. Let’s talk about this startup…

ToddTV is a private / public startup project supported by the University of Tours (UT) and the LIFAT Laboratory. The ToddTV activity is related to image processing solutions targeting new features for real-time capture, processing, rendering and recognition for Television (TV) and Video on Demand (VoD) services. The set of services offered by ToddTV covers different aspect as the Social TV, the advertising detection and smart zapping, the mobile re-targeting of advertising, the text detection in TV streams, etc.  This startup includes many activities as you can see on the image below :

  • This project has started in 2017 and the ToddTV startup will be launched in 2020, 2021.

Dernières nouvelles :

  • 09/2019 : Le projet a été soutenu par C-VaLo ( et reconnu comme candidat potentiel pour la phase de maturation
  • 12/2019 : L’infrastructure matérielle permettant l’acquisition et le décodage en temps réelle de flux vidéos de 16 à 24 chaînes est en cours d’installation
  • 02/2020 : Présentation des projets en cours sur la station :