SILA 3D is a 3D medical image analysis framework developped based on the PhD work of Gatean Galisot (see Publications).

  • SILA 3D allows to learn local anatomical models (atlas) to represent differents organs (brains, hearts,...) starting from few labeled 3D images (MRI,, Scanner, ...)
  • SILA 3D allows to use these local anatomical models to realize fast and efficient interactive segmentations of 3D images  containing similar anatomical structures  
  • SILA 3D allows to incementally improve the anatomical models along time
  • It becomes thenpossible to enrich a personal or shared catalog of various anatomical models
  • SILA 3D allows fast partial segmentations of various unusial anatomical structures (on animals, children, specific diseases, ...)

Download SILA 3D
  • A tentative of transfer to industry is currently in progress 
  • Help us to organize this transfer and get a free access to SILA 3D

You can look to the following videos to learn more about SILA3D :


This work has been initiated during NeuroGeo project funded by the "Région Centre Val de Loire" from 2015 to 2018. NeuroGeo project involed strong collaboration between researchers in computer science (RFAI/LIFAT) and Neuro-Biologists (UMR PRC-INRA Nouzilly).


Below are some available results from NeuroGeo project and GG PhD

3DBrainSeg was an intial prototype of SILA3D procuded during Gatean's PhD. 

3DBrainMiner and 3DBrainView

A global overview of NeuroGeo Project

neurogeo workflow

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Université de Tours.
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